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Sea and Sun is a private foundation committed to mission work and social work on the island of Camiguin. The foundation is registered in the Norwegian Security and Exchange as well as in the Philippines.

Since the beginning in 2001, Sea and Sun has strived to improve the living conditions of the poorest part of the island’s population through various livelihood programs and social projects. Hundreds of children and youth have been helped with their schooling from elementary school to college through our school aid program. We want to make an impact through active involvement in the local community and to contribute financially and with experience and leadership. Sea and Sun has an active and vibrant church with many young people.

Our vision is to be financially self-managed by operating a non-profit restaurant and renting out vacation apartments for invited guests.

We would love to welcome you here in our beautiful part of the world!

Greetings from Edith & Wenche

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The School Aid Program

Sea and Sun wants all children in Camiguin to be able to go to school. We know that if children complete their schooling, there will be a better future not only for themselves, but also their families. Public schools are free in the Philippines, but many children and teenagers quit school because they cannot afford to buy school supplies and school uniforms. Lack of encouragement from their parents may also be a problem. Many of the parents have not completed their own schooling and fail to see the importance of education.

Through the Sea and Sun school aid program we contribute financially and actively encourage and motivate children and teenagers from poor families to complete their schooling. We want to give them a real opportunity to graduate.

The school aid program was initiated in 2002 and is funded by private sponsors from Norway. It has grown to become one of the largest private school projects in Camiguin. It includes students at all levels, from elementary school through high school to college and vocational school. Throughout the years we have developed a good relationship with the schools, and we are considered to be an important partner for several of the schools in our area. In December 2019 Sea and Sun was given an award by the Department of Education in Camiguin.

"Dream big, start small, start today."

That is the motto of our “Sea and Sun school aid program”

Elementary school

At the elementary schools, we support classes with school supplies and teaching materials. We have also been able to help refurbish some of the school buildings and to donate money to individual school projects. In 2019/20 the Sea and Sun school aid program supports 14 elementary schools with a total of 1,493 students.

High school
Junior and Senior high school

In Junior and Senior high school, the school expenses increase, and it is difficult for children from poor families to afford the expenses. Students in our high school program receive individual financial support for school uniforms, books, school supplies, transport and various school projects. 44 students were part of our high school program in 2019/2020.


Camiguin has two public colleges and one vocational school. Students admitted to our college school aid program are supported with tuition fee and money for transport, uniforms, shoes, school supplies and various projects throughout the year. 14 students were part of our college school program in 2019/20. Over the years, as many as 55 of our students have completed a bachelor's degree or obtained a certificate from vocational school. These are all students who would not be able to complete their education without the financial support from the school aid program. With their degrees, their chances of landing a good job are much more likely.

Social responsibility

  • Local community activities
    Local community activities

    Sea and Sun wants to be actively involved in building and developing the community of Camiguin. We seek to bless and serve families in the local community. Through various livelihood programs and social projects, we aim to improve the living conditions for poor families. We have been in Camiguin for many years and have a long-term perspective on everything we do. We work closely with local authorities and know that they respect our work and appreciate what we do. Sea and Sun has received several awards from the province, the municipality and Department of Education.

    Throughout the years we have developed a thorough understanding of local culture and customs. We participate in several municipal councils and committees. In these committees we have the opportunity to share our ideas and voice our opinions. We can act as representatives of the poor population and raise their concerns in important matters concerning their living conditions and the development of local communities.

    Our work in Camiguin would not be possible without donations and a network of sponsors. Companies, churches and individuals contribute with expertise and money, enabling us to impact and bring about changes in local communities and individual lives in Camiguin.

    In this section you can read about some of our social projects in Camiguin.

  • The Hospital
    Renovation of the Pediatric Ward at Camiguin General Hospital

    The pediatric ward at Camiguin General Hospital was in desperate need of renovation and cleaning. Sea and Sun wanted to give the hospitalized children a clean and nice place to stay, so the children's ward was given a real face lift. All the rooms were cleaned and painted. The walls were decorated with colorful illustrations with playful and imaginative children’s motifs. The beds were cleaned and repainted, and the mattresses were given a new cover, improving the hygiene considerably. An air-conditioned playroom was also created and filled with toys given from partners in Norway.




  • Containers from Norway
    Containers from Norway

    Sea and Sun has sent five containers with various new and second-hand goods from Norway. The containers were filled with hospital and medical aid equipment, computers, furniture, tools, toys, clothes, shoes and other things, all donated by individuals and professional partners in Norway. It has been a great joy and privilege to bless the people of Camiguin in this way.





  • Livelihood program
    Livelihood program

    17 employees are currently part of the Sea and Sun livelihood program. Most of our staff are unskilled, and some have not completed their schooling. We teach them the skills they need in order to work in the kitchen, the garden, the rental apartments and with guest services such as cleaning and laundry. Our staff are given financial assistance for house building. Some of the assistance is given as a gift, and some is given as a long term, interest free loan. All our staff are included in the national pension fund and have health insurance.


  • Family house
    Family house

    Many children and teenagers in Camiguin live in dysfunctional families. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for parents to leave their children in order to start a new family or to work elsewhere. The children may be left behind to live with other members of the family or neighbors. Over the years, Sea and Sun has met many young people in need of a place to live; a place where they can be safe from violence and alcoholism, and a place where they will have enough food and receive support for schooling. Some of them have been invited to move to Sea and Sun. Sea and Sun houses about 10 young people at a time. The youth who live with us, are part of the Sea and Sun school aid program. We motivate and counsel them and try to provide them with a family atmosphere where they can feel safe and receive the support they need to master their lives and achieve their goals and dreams. The youth living in Sea and Sun, can stay here until they feel ready to move out.


  • Prison and hospital visitation
    Prison and hospital visitation

    Every week, Sea and Sun visits one of the two prisons on the island. The two prisons have about 60 inmates in total. The inmates are in custody and will be transferred out of the island when they receive their sentence. However, they can be held for up to 8 years without a sentence! The staff on our visitation team know the inmates well, and their visits are highly appreciated. We want to encourage and help the inmates in a difficult situation.

    In 2018 Sea and Sun renovated the children's ward in the hospital. We developed a good relationship with the staff, and as a natural continuation of this project we visit the children's ward to talk to the children and their parents. Sometimes we will provide medicines and financial help for further hospital treatment. We also give out baby clothes and hand-knitted and quilted blankets.



  • Coffee farm
    Coffee farm

    For many years we have dreamed about growing and producing our own coffee. Camiguin is an ideal location for coffee production. Some decades ago, many farmers in Camiguin grew coffee beans. We know local people with knowledge and skills in coffee production. In December 2018 we were able to buy a lot of 5218 m2 in the area of Basiao, which is located in the mountains close to Sea and Sun. This location is good for coffee plants and many kinds of fruits and vegetables. We have planted more than 1500 coffee plants and lots of vegetables and fruit, and we have built ‘nipa hut’ (a local style house) in the farm. This is already a beautiful place with stunning views of White Island.

    The farm provides livelihood for a neighboring family who looks after the farm. In a few years the coffee production will also generate income for people from the local community who will help out harvesting and refining the coffee. In two-three years we expect to reap the first coffee beans, and we will be delighted to welcome you to a wonderful cup of coffee with us!




  • Toilets

    Some years ago, new government regulations demand that every household has a toilet, in order to improve the hygiene of the villages. Sea and Sun was able to provide 70 families with a toilet. These were all families who could not afford to buy their own toilet.

  • Hospital garden
    Hospital garden

    Edith, one of the leaders of Sea and Sun, has designed and developed the beautiful garden of Sea and Sun. The garden is admired by many, and when the island had a new Governor, the Governor asked if Sea and Sun would make a garden for patients to enjoy, outside Camiguin General Hospital. This is a public hospital which is used by those who cannot afford to go outside the island for medical help. For six weeks Edith and a team from Sea and Sun worked on the garden. This hospital garden is now a source of inspiration and joy for both patients and hospital staff.

  • Renovation of day care schools
    Renovation of day care schools

    In the Philippines all children must attend a day care school when they are 5 years old. Two of the day care schools close to Sea and Sun really needed an upgrade. Thanks to donations from sponsors in Norway, we were able to make the day care schools really nice. They were painted and filled with toys from Norway.

  • Medical and dental missions
    Medical and dental missions

    From time to time Sea and Sun arranges medical and dental missions in collaboration with visiting doctors and dentists. Many people from the local community have received medical and dental help through these missions.

    Every year we give out medicines or give people money to buy medicines. Patients will get a prescription from the doctor, but they will have to buy the medicines themselves. Often they cannot afford to buy the medicines and need financial help to get the medicines they need.



  • Naasag Health Center
    Naasag Health Center

    The village of Naasag was the only barangay in Mambajao without a health center. Through a local school project, the elementary schools at Konnerud in Norway raised the money needed to build a new health center. The center is used for maternity and pregnancy control and is attended by a nurse once a week.

  • Running water
    Running water

    In collaboration with a Norwegian waterworks company in Rogaland we installed running water and water meters to all of the 45 households in Tangub, which is the village where we are located.

  • Emergency relief
    Emergency relief

    The Philippines are located in an area of the world that regularly suffers from natural disasters. On three occasions Sea and Sun has provided emergency relief. When the Hayian typhoon devastated parts of the Philippines in 2013, we built houses and initiated a boat building project. We built fishing boats and lent them out to families so that they could fish and make money to buy their own fishing boat.




  • Guests contribute with their expertise
    Guests contribute with their expertise

    Sometimes our visitors want to contribute with their skills and expertise. We know the local community well and know a lot about the needs of the community. One of our goals is to build and develop the local community, partnering with local offices and employees in creating a safe and thriving community for all inhabitants.

    If you want to contribute with expertise and resources, we would love to hear from you. Maybe we can collaborate on a project that you or your business is passionate about.

  • Winter Wonderland
    Winter Wonderland

    From September to December, the entire Philippines is filled with Christmas lights and decorations. The Christmas season starts early, and they love to decorate with colors and lights. However, in Camiguin, most children do not have the opportunity to take part in Christmas festivities or visit places with beautiful Christmas decorations. At Sea and Sun, we want to give all children a beautiful Christmas experience, so each year we create a Winter Wonderland for them to visit.

    Late November our library is transformed into a beautiful Winter Wonderland with Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas village, fireplace, Christmas songs, snow and Christmas presents. Before visiting Winter Wonderland, the children visit the church to hear the gospel of the birth of Jesus told by some of our young leaders. Winter Wonderland has become very popular. Children and adults come in large numbers to visit us each year. During December 2019 Winter Wonderland had as many as 636 visitors.






  • Spiritual Formation
    Spiritual Formation

    Sea and Sun Ministries is at our core a Christian ministry, and we are frequently asked by the local community to teach spiritual formation to various groups and schools. We espouse biblical values for life, and hopefully by our personal actions as well as our teaching we present to all of our young people a positive view of the Christian faith. However, it is never required of any young person to become an adherent of the Christian faith. Yet many of the staff and as well as recipients of our outreach efforts, and also people who simply attend our church on Sundays, have found their lives greatly enriched by embracing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Visit Camiguin

  • Visit us

    If you visit Sea and Sun, you will experience Filipino hospitality, enjoy Filipino food, meet people in the local community, visit local attractions and experience the beauties of the island. And as our guest, you enable us to fulfill our vision. We want to bless the local community and actively work to improve the living conditions in the local community. Any profits from our guest activities will be used to finance projects in local communities.

    When you visit Sea and Sun, you will be surrounded by beautiful nature and a beautifully landscaped garden. You may enjoy the silence and the sea view with beautiful sunsets. In our restaurant we will serve you healthy and tasty meals prepared from fresh, local produce.

    Not only will you experience everything this beautiful island has to offer, you will also have a unique opportunity to experience everyday local life, as well as getting a firsthand experience of Sea and Sun's work on the island.

    We want to give our guests the experience of a lifetime – and a meaningful holiday.

    Would you like to visit us? For enquiries about prices and availability, please contact

  • Rental apartments

    Sea and Sun has five rental apartments. The apartments have two air-conditioned bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. The standard is good, and all apartments have balconies with sea views. Daily cleaning of apartments and laundry services are provided.

  • Facilities

    Our restaurant serves healthy and tasty meals prepared from fresh, local produce. We offer full board at a reasonable price. Whenever we can, we serve local, organically grown and healthy food, thus supporting local farmers, fishermen and businesses. The food is prepared in our own kitchen and is always fresh and of good quality. Smoothies of fresh fruit are served all day, and in the evening, you may order homemade cakes from our own kitchen in our café.

    We offer massages, manicures and pedicures in our Spa room. You may book your treatments when you arrive. Treatments will be scheduled to fit other activities during your stay.

  • Travel

    Flights to Camiguin:
    Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines both have daily flights between Cebu and Camiguin. You can book tickets at: or

    Skyjet Airlines has flights between Manila and

    Practical information:
    Visitors to the Philippines will receive a month's visa on arrival. If you want to stay longer than 30 days, you can renew your visa in most large cities in the Philippines. Alternatively, you may apply for a visa at the Philippine embassy before you travel to the Philippines.

    The currency in the Philippines is Philippine Peso (PHP). There are ATMs all over the Philippines, including airports and also locally in Camiguin. In the cities you may use credit cards for payment, but in Camiguin cash is the primary method of payment.

    When you travel to the Philippines, some vaccines are needed. Check with your local vaccination clinic which vaccines you should take.

    Hotels in Manila/Cebu:
    Most visitors need accommodation before arriving in Camiguin. Both Manila and Cebu have many hotels to choose from, depending on your budget. Please let us know if you would like us to recommend a hotel suited to your needs.

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Camiguin Island

Sea and Sun is situated in a beautiful location in Camiguin Island, overlooking the see. The island itself is a typical, tropical island with a population of approximately 100,000. Camiguin is yet not dominated by mass tourism, and most people live traditionally. They live in simple houses in small villages. Fishing, agriculture and small-scale tourism are the main sources of income. The majority of the population are Catholics.
The island’s circumference is 64 km. Although the island is small, Camiguin has a lot to offer. You will find beautiful, white beaches surrounded by azure blue sea with corals and plenty of colorful fish. You may sunbathe, swim, snorkel and dive. Inland there are high mountains to be explored and beautiful waterfalls and hot and cold springs to be visited. As a visitor to Sea and Sun, you may also participate in our activities in the local community, such as e.g. home visitations and visits to schools, prison and small villages.

Attractions in Camiguin

  • Sea

    White Island - a white sandbank approximately 7 minutes by boat from Camiguin. This is a lovely place to unwind. You may sunbathe, swim and snorkel in the clear, azure blue sea. To watch the sunrise, with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in your hand, is an experience you do not easily forget!

    Mantigue Island - a small island approximately 20 minutes by boat from Camiguin. This is the perfect place to swim and snorkel. You will see beautiful corals and a great number of fish in every size and color. You may order fresh, grilled fish in the small restaurant. Time is easily forgotten in this idyllic island, whether you swim, snorkel, sunbathe or just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

    Kabila Beach - a beautiful beach which houses a giant clams’ sanctuary and research facility. About 3000 giant clams are found in the sea just outside the beach. With a guide you can snorkel among the beautiful giant clams. As you snorkel, you will also see corals and fish of all colors.

    Mangrove Park - an area with suspension bridges and small, open cabins built around hundreds of mangrove trees out in the sea. You may swim in the sea or maybe just enjoy the view and eat some snacks in your own private, overwater cabin, admiring the beauty of the place.

  • Mountain

Stations of the Cross – a walkway to the top of The Old Volcano. The walkway will take you up the hillside close to Sea and Sun. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the top. Along the way there are 14 stops with statues illustrating the sufferings, the death/crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus. During Easter, Catholics pilgrimage to Camiguin and the Stations of the Cross. They walk around the island and follow the walkway past all 14 stops.

    Mount Hibok-Hibok – With a guide it is possible to walk to the top of the volcano. The walk takes about 4-6 hours. On a clear day you will be rewarded by stunning views of the whole island and several neighboring islands.

  • Fresh water attractions

    Soda Spring, Sto. Niño Cold Spring and Ardent Hot Spring - Camiguin is famous for its hot and cold springs with clean, fresh water. These are three of the most well-known. They all have facilities for visitors who wants to swim, have a picnic or just relax in beautiful, tropical surroundings.

    Tuasan Falls and Katibawasan Falls - picturesque waterfalls in the rainforest. You may swim in the waterfalls, and if you are lucky, you may also see wild monkeys.


Sea and Sun Ministries is an NGO which is entirely dependent of financial support from private sponsors. Churches, businesses and private individuals help us realize our vision to make an impact on local communities and individual lives in Camiguin. Without our sponsors we would not be able to fulfill our mission.

Our long-term commitment has provided us with valuable knowledge of local affairs and the needs of the community. We know that our efforts matter and that we make a difference. We enjoy the respect and support of the local authorities and the communities in which we work. Still much remains to be done. As we have a long-term commitment, we can extend the scope of our work and start new projects whenever we have the financial backing. If you would like to help us fulfill our vision, please do not hesitate to contact us. Some donors are committed to a monthly amount, while others donate money for special projects. Together we can make a difference in people’s lives and in local communities in Camiguin.

Donors in the USA may send tax-deductible contributions through either by check payable to SOCI (on the memo line, write SSMI) or via the website (select: Thorkildsen, Wenche – SSMI).

If you have questions or would like more information about how to make your donation, please contact Wenche Thorkildsen, e-mail:


Sea and Sun was given The Children of the Earth award in 2018.

In June 2018 Sea and Sun Ministries International was given The Children of the Earth award. This is an annual award given to a person or an organization who, over time, has worked to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children.

Sea and Sun received this prestigious award for their long-standing efforts to improve the health and quality of life of children and young people in Camiguin, providing them with education and social security. Edith and Wenche went to Norway to receive the award along with two students from the school aid program.